A Good Resource for Performance Anxiety

by Rich Presta on November 8, 2010

I know that something many people have trouble with is speaking or performing in front of people.  Depending on your profession, it can be a tremendous and sometimes unavoidable source of stress and anxiety.  What we sometimes forget is that children can especially effected too…think about how often teachers and schools require “public performances”.  I know I can remember being called on by a teacher when I didn’t know the answer and how lousy I felt.  After that happens a few times to a child is it any wonder why it becomes stressful to get up and put your ego on the line even when you DO KNOW the answer?

Whether you’re the one who’s struggling with performance anxiety or your child is, if you want some good tools and advice to help, check out Janet Esposito’s website below:


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The “Your Anxious Brain” Report – FREE

by Rich Presta on August 10, 2010

Your Anxious Brain CoverYou know, there’s a lot of myths and misinformation about anxiety and panic attacks floating around…

Last year I decided to embark on some in-depth research about the SCIENCE behind the TRUTH, expecting it would result in a couple weeks of effort and a nice blog post for my readers

Boy, was that a major lapse in judgment.

It’s almost a year later, and you wouldn’t believe how deep the rabbit hole I fell into went.

In my quest to find ANSWERS, I often ended up with more QUESTIONS.  Every time I would be able to close one door, another one opened up and I just couldn’t help myself from walking through it.

I ended up reading dozens of books on neuroscience and hundreds if not thousands of journal articles and published results of medical studies.  I interviewed a TON of experts…physicians, scientists, psychologists, and more.  I researched everything, and discovered something I knew I had to share with you, but it was FAR MORE than just a blog post.

See, while most everyone working in anxiety treatment is still trying to get the same old ineffective techniques to work, some of us are using cutting edge technology and advanced research to help people struggling with anxiety change their lives incredibly FAST and make the kinds of breakthroughs many therapists would call IMPOSSIBLE.

But they’re NOT impossible.

Not by a long shot.

I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty here in my blog because like I said, what I learned during my research deserved it’s own report, it’s called “Your Anxious Brain” and it will probably take you about an hour or so to read, but it’s an hour that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I decided NOT to sell it, the information inside it is too important, I want you to have it NOW and for FREE.

All I ask is that you help me get this information “out there”. Email it.  Post it to YOUR blog.  Put the link on a forum.  Whatever you want, just pass it along.  You can even just tell everyone you know to go check out www.AnxiousBrain.com and they’ll get their own copy.  Fair enough?

Don’t keep trying to grit your teeth through your anxiety, fear, and panic attacks. Stop using old, useless, and outdated strategies that haven’t done ANYTHING to help you feel better. You’re about to learn a completely different way of treating your anxiety, and this time, it’s going to change EVERYTHING…

Inside the report I’ll show you:

  • How your anxiety and panic attacks REALLY work, and what you can do about it NOW
  • How technological breakthroughs are completely changing our understanding of how your fear works, and what we can do to control it
  • The one thing every treatment for anxiety MUST DO if it’s going to help you. Think you know everything there is about your anxiety? I bet this never even crossed your mind, but when you read it you’ll know I’m right and that it’s the missing piece you’ve needed all along

Just click below to get it FREE.   No email address, sign-up, or registration needed!

Get the “Your Anxious Brain” Report NOW for FREE!

Your Anxious Brain

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Combat Breathing

by Rich Presta on July 26, 2010

Harnessing the Power of Military and Police Tactical Stress Control Strategies for Your Own Anxiety

When in high-pursuit of a dangerous criminal that may be carrying weapons and willing to do almost anything to evade capture, law enforcement and tactical teams such as SWAT can’t afford to let their stress response cloud their senses and functioning. The typical symptoms of stress we all occasionally feel to various degrees such as tunnel vision, shakiness or loss of fine motor skills, and the loss of ability to focus and process our surroundings quickly may be uncomfortable and frightening to the average civilian who may feel this way while driving, on an airplane, or standing in line at the grocery store, but are dramatically more costly in situations where they can be not only a deciding factor to the individuals safety and survival, but the safety of others, and even the suspect. In order to effectively and rapidly reduce physiological stress levels and maintain control even in the most extreme and anxiety provoking of circumstances, law enforcement and military training has adopted what is called “combat breathing”, an easy to remember and perform breathing technique for the reduction of both the physical and mental effects of anxiety that can be used with surprising effectiveness by anyone experiencing anxiety, stress, panic attacks or fear in everyday life.

As anyone who suffers with anxiety or panic attacks knows all too well, the burst of adrenaline into the body during high levels of stress can virtually instantly effect optimal functioning and be terribly frightening, the fear response itself sometimes being mistaken as a sign that the individual is about to lose control or “go crazy”. Once the reaction that unleashes the stress chemicals into the body has started, it is incredibly difficult to turn off, although there are specialized techniques and advanced skills that can be learned to both prevent and end anxiety such as those discussed in my programs. Combat breathing was developed to [click to continue…]


A good place to start is a terrible place to stop.

by Rich Presta on July 13, 2010

Alright, time for me to clean something up…

I know sometimes it seems like I’m against “positive thinking”, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m a HUGE fan of thinking positive, in fact, I think it’s the critical first step in overcoming anxiety or fear.  Heck, it’s the first step to ANYTHING.

What I’m not so keen on is stopping with positive thinking and not following it up with ACTION.

Let me explain… [click to continue…]


Important News for Parents of Anxious Children

May 13, 2010

This is a pretty important day for me… For awhile now, I’ve been getting emails and phone calls from a lot of you asking me for something geared toward children who are struggling with anxiety. Like we all know, anxiety tends to run in families. Whether that’s because of genetics or environment is debatable, but [...]

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Case Study – Marie Muchow

April 26, 2010

Click here to listen to Case Study 1 Click here to listen to Case Study 2 Click here to listen to Case Study 3 In the fourth Case Study for the Driving Fear Program, you’re going to hear from Marie Muchow, an attorney and mom from Santa Rosa, California. Click the Play button below to [...]

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